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Decisions, decisions....


Golf balls are like personalities. Everybody has one. On the tour, guys play what they get paid to play mostly. For 2017 ,Bubba is getting his “pink on” again with a new deal with Volvik. The best ball to play for your game is really the best ball for you to play, but some guys like what everybody else is playing. There is nothing wrong with trying something new and a new year is a good time for many to do that. Now if we could just get some decent weather to do it with. I like trying new things like everybody else. When it comes to balls, Srixon is my favorite right now. But have you heard about the new ball Costco is selling? It is supposed to outperform the Titlelist Pro V. Here is what tests from my golf spy showed . When you get something you like, stick with it. It looks like you can’t even find these balls, so it’s gonna be hard to stick with. Just like everything else right? Good luck on your ball search, and come see me for some tips on how a new ball might help, or hurt, your game.

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Use your Phone....

Getting the right equipment is just part of getting you golf game together. There is practice, and how much time you plan to spend to get better. If you’re serious about shaving strokes off your game, then getting the right equipment that is fit to you is important. I suggest you use the” tech” as one part to get you started on the right equipment choices. Nothing replaces actually hitting balls and trying different combinations of clubs and shafts with an experienced fitter and seeing your ball flight instead of a hitting into a landing net. Recently I have been using a new system as part of the process of fitting. PING has a fitting system guide that utilizes your swing on the range with real time feedback that can help your fitting process. It attaches to your club and gives us feedback on swing, speed, path and other important information that can help make your fitting decisions easier. With several swings it can show you recommended shafts and clubs from your swing. I have used it on several players and on myself and like its simplicity and ease of use. With thousands of swings in its database, it has a wealth of knowledge it can give us wireless right there as we hit balls. See loft, shaft and more information for the driver, fairway woods and hybrids. Think you would like to see it in action? Come on by and let’s see how your swing looks.

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Technology wins

Now, I have been playing golf a long time.It did take some time to embrace what technology can do for golf and that’s from clubs to electronics. We are hitting it further, more accurate and playing better than ever. I was always looking at course markers to find yardage and knew that there was something better, I just didn’t want to deal with it. Another item for charging or keeping up with didn’t seem like it was worth it. I was wrong. I put a new laser range finder in my bag recently and got the best of both worlds. Price and usability. This new ScoreBand PLUS rangefinder I have is really neat. It’s compact, 250 yards range to the flag and 400 yard general range is really nice and accurate. It’s easy to carry, has auto shut off, and has “flag lock technology”. I took it with me recently on a golf trip to the mountains and was really impressed. What impressed me even more was the price. For only $179 bucks , it beats the pants off the more expensive rangefinders for half the price. I have them in stock and would love to show you one. Just drop by the range and start dropping your scores!

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It starts with the driver....

You have to get off the tee. I mean, you hit a lot of clubs during your round, but the driver can make a lot of difference in distance, control and your attitude on your round. A wise man once said that golf is played on a five and a half inch course…I think he was right. If you have confidence on the tee, you play better, and if you have the right equipment, you will score better too.

Now there are always the ‘latest and greatest” drivers each year to choose from and we have had all the major manufacturers here for demo days this year. I saw something that I thought was revealing on a site called mygolfspy on drivers for this year. They even buy some of the clubs they test from companies that don’t provide them and their testing is fair. Take a look at what it says about the new drivers out this year and I think you might be surprised. It’s different because unlike the Hot List, companies whose products receive accolades from MyGolfSpy are not required to pay any licensing fees for use of badges, logos, or anything else related to the Most Wanted list. I even printed it out here in the shop if you come in you can see it. Better yet, come try one.

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2015 , so whats on your list?

Know what the top New Year’s resolutions are?  You could probably guess. Here is a full list. Sharon and I are already back on our diets because of all the good food from the holidays. Is one of your new year’s resolutions to play more or get better? Maybe you need a golf “check up”. One of the first things you need to do is make sure you have the right equipment and that it’s in playing shape top to bottom, then practice. If your equipment doesn’t fit you and your swing, you will struggle. Practicing your game from tee to wedge really helps on the course. It just so happens I can help you with both. The right clubs make a lot of difference, and they don’t have to be new ones. Sometimes they just need to be adjusted to fit you, or a pre-owned set is just right. New improved technology clubs can also make a big difference. Then it’s instruction or practice in your problem areas on the range to give you instant feedback. If you have been struggling in the past with your game, get a golf “checkup” for 2015 so you’re ready for that game with your buddies. Come see me, and we will make sure you are on your way to keeping that New Year’s resolution and lowering your scores.

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12 days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Sale!

First, thank you for your support this year,

Second, I have been working on getting together some great deals for our "12 Days of Chrstmas Sale" which kicks off tomorrow. Some really good deals in there, so  check our Facebook page or our website everyday for the next 12 days to see the deals just for you.

Don’t forget we have about 19 days left in the  “Christmas Range Ball Card”, which gives you 50% off 10 range ball buckets! A great stocking stuffer or gift for the golfer on your list, or heck, why not one for yourself?

Thanks! and see you soon,


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"Black Friday!"

Hi all!

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. As we get near the shopping season, I wanted to offer some help in getting something for yourself or the golfer on your list. I have put together some deals that will be available for this friday, the 28th and hope you can take advantage of them. Just come in Thursday or Friday,check out our facebook page, website or check your emails for the details. If you have not joined our email list, you can do so to get deals before anyone else. Just hit the link on the website or facebook page. Don’t eat too much and have a safe holiday! We will be open Thursday and Friday so come see us!

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It confirmed my belief...

Hello again, and thanks to everyone who came to the Demo Day on Friday. We made some new friends, saw some old ones and confirmed my belief in one thing. The best way to get fit for a new club is to get instant feedback on the range before you buy.

The fine folks at Callaway and PING were here with their finest new offerings and they have some great stuff. It’s truly amazing what a little bit of technology can do. Still, while some people get fit for clubs in a room with electronics, they can sometimes find they don’t hit the way they thought they would when they go to the course. Now, I’m not saying that it’s a bad idea to be fit like that, but it makes a big difference before you decide if you did them together. That instant feedback to see your ball flight, make adjustments, and hit actual balls down range makes a big difference. As always, just come by if you’re having some issues in your game. Randy.


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New Big Bertha "V" series

Hi all! ,

One of the clubs you can hit on the 17th demo day we are having is the new Callaway Big Bertha “V’ series woods. It’s a lighter club (starting at 290 grams) which helps create more clubhead speed and the kind of ball speed that makes the ball go a long way.The adjustable hosel lets you choose from a combination of 8 different loft (-1, S, +1, +2) and lie angle (Draw or Neutral) configurations to find your optimized trajectory and shot shape. When you get those right, great drives are sure to follow. See and hit it here..

Thanks and see you soon,


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PING G-30 at demo day on the 17th

I’m really getting some excellent feedback on ths new PING driver. The folks that have tried it here and gotten one have really been pleased. They say things like ” really long” and “forgiving” club. I must say that I can play whatever I like and this one is in my bag right now. Good feel, great sound and straight. Come and get fit for one and hit it with the PING rep on the 17th. Then tell me what YOU think,

Have a great weekend,


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