Randy's Rants

It starts with the driver....

You have to get off the tee. I mean, you hit a lot of clubs during your round, but the driver can make a lot of difference in distance, control and your attitude on your round. A wise man once said that golf is played on a five and a half inch course…I think he was right. If you have confidence on the tee, you play better, and if you have the right equipment, you will score better too.

Now there are always the ‘latest and greatest” drivers each year to choose from and we have had all the major manufacturers here for demo days this year. I saw something that I thought was revealing on a site called mygolfspy on drivers for this year. They even buy some of the clubs they test from companies that don’t provide them and their testing is fair. Take a look at what it says about the new drivers out this year and I think you might be surprised. It’s different because unlike the Hot List, companies whose products receive accolades from MyGolfSpy are not required to pay any licensing fees for use of badges, logos, or anything else related to the Most Wanted list. I even printed it out here in the shop if you come in you can see it. Better yet, come try one.

Posted 401 weeks ago