Randy's Rants

Technology wins

Now, I have been playing golf a long time.It did take some time to embrace what technology can do for golf and that’s from clubs to electronics. We are hitting it further, more accurate and playing better than ever. I was always looking at course markers to find yardage and knew that there was something better, I just didn’t want to deal with it. Another item for charging or keeping up with didn’t seem like it was worth it. I was wrong. I put a new laser range finder in my bag recently and got the best of both worlds. Price and usability. This new ScoreBand PLUS rangefinder I have is really neat. It’s compact, 250 yards range to the flag and 400 yard general range is really nice and accurate. It’s easy to carry, has auto shut off, and has “flag lock technology”. I took it with me recently on a golf trip to the mountains and was really impressed. What impressed me even more was the price. For only $179 bucks , it beats the pants off the more expensive rangefinders for half the price. I have them in stock and would love to show you one. Just drop by the range and start dropping your scores!

Posted 383 weeks ago