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Use your Phone....

Getting the right equipment is just part of getting you golf game together. There is practice, and how much time you plan to spend to get better. If you’re serious about shaving strokes off your game, then getting the right equipment that is fit to you is important. I suggest you use the” tech” as one part to get you started on the right equipment choices. Nothing replaces actually hitting balls and trying different combinations of clubs and shafts with an experienced fitter and seeing your ball flight instead of a hitting into a landing net. Recently I have been using a new system as part of the process of fitting. PING has a fitting system guide that utilizes your swing on the range with real time feedback that can help your fitting process. It attaches to your club and gives us feedback on swing, speed, path and other important information that can help make your fitting decisions easier. With several swings it can show you recommended shafts and clubs from your swing. I have used it on several players and on myself and like its simplicity and ease of use. With thousands of swings in its database, it has a wealth of knowledge it can give us wireless right there as we hit balls. See loft, shaft and more information for the driver, fairway woods and hybrids. Think you would like to see it in action? Come on by and let’s see how your swing looks.

Posted 363 weeks ago